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WyeSoft Password Generator is a simple utility for generating random passwords. The user can choose the minimum and maximum length of the generated password, as well as whether they want it to contain lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and/or symbols, and the minimum and maximum number of each. The set of symbols allowed in the password can also be easily customised.

WyeSoft Password Generator is completely portable and does not require installation. Simply place the .exe file in any folder you wish and launch it from there.



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WyeSoft Password Generator was created using wxLua, which we highly recommend to developers. However, projects created in wxLua have a tendency to be flagged as harmful by virus scanners, as they contain a copy of the Lua interpreter, which has the potential to do a lot more than it is actually being used for. We encourage users to check any unknown files, including ours, at VirusTotal.com. If you are able to confirm the SHA-256 hash of the download, you can click the hash below to see the scan results.

WyeSoft Password
Generator v1.02
7 September 2017 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
2.06 MB MD5: 9E49FE360B6BBE7B141731B09A7E1332
SHA-256: 4F78AE597EDE6992D8F8B96424B2




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